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Model 92 Backcountry

CooperCF31991w- M4B0628_Backcountry
Action: Lightweight Cooper Model 92 Action, all-stainless steel action (Chromoly available on request)
Magazine: Detachable three round magazine
Stock: Advanced composite lightweight Cooper stock
Trigger: Jewell trigger
Available Calibers: All standard long action and belted magnum (up to .338 caliber) calibers available
Weight: 5.75 lbs.
 Wilson Arms 24" fluted barrel with muzzlebrake
- 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee
Retail: $2,795

Model 22-ML Excalibur
DSC 5686_edited-1_M22_ML_Excalibur
Modern inline design with sealed breech design 
Timney trigger
Match grade 26" fluted barrel
Advanced composite Cooper stock
Removable plug made from heat treated 416 stainless steel
200 grain charge capable 
Retail: $1,755 

Model 22R Raptor M
DSC 5701_edited-1_M22R_Raptor_M
Manners composite stock
Fluted Stainless steel barrel with muzzlebrake
Sprial fluted bolt
Picatinney rail
Tactical bolt handle
Timney trigger
Al-style 5 round magazine
All short action calibers (308 family)
Cerakote finish available
1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee
Retail: $2,880

Model 52 Hi line
DSC 5762_edited-1_M52_Hi_Line
Monte Carlo cheek piece
Vertical grip with palm swell
slim tapered beavertail fore end
24" Stainless steel barrel
Available in all Cooper repeating actions
All Cooper calibers available
1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee
Retail: $5,045

Model 52 XLR Long Range
DSC 5698_edited-2_M52 XLR_Long_Range
10 MOA angle Picatinney rail standard
Detachable three round magazine
Tactical bolt handle standard
Muzzlebrake standard
Availabe in most popular long range magnum calibers
1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee
Retail: $2,755

Model 58 Dangerous Game
Cooper-CF5802X 1

(Shown in Custom Classic)
(2) Front locking lug bolt action repeater
Magazine: Hinged floor plate single stack
Extraction: Controlled round feed
Ejection: Mechanical ejection
Trigger: Timney
Dimensions: 1.450" Front ring/1.350" Rest of action/9.21" length
Available Calibers: .375 Holland & Holland, .416 Rigby, .416 Remington, .404 Jeffery, .458 Winchester Magnum, .505 Gibbs
Barrel: Wilson Arms 24" premium match grade barrel
Available Styles: Classic, Custom Classic, Western Classic, Schnabel, Mannlicher 

Model 22 Muzzleloader

 Modern in line bolt action with removable breech plug
Trigger: Timney
Dimensions: 1.3" x 8.25"
Available Caliber: .50
Breech Plug: Removable with breech plug tool  
Barrel: Wilson Arms 1 in 28 twist rate 26" premium match grade barrel 
Ignition Source: 209 Primer
Ram Rod: Easton Aluminum Ram Rods
Available Styles:
 Classic, Custom Classic, Western Classic, Schnabel