Nighthawk Custom acquires Cooper Firearms of Montana.

Cooper Rifles of Arkansas – December 2023 Update:

As 2023 draws to a close, we felt it was important to provide a status update and vision for the many fans who remain interested in the future of Cooper Rifles. Many of you are aware that in December 2022, Nighthawk Custom was approached with the opportunity to continue the legacy that Cooper Firearms of Montana had built as a premier manufacturer of custom bolt action rifles. Unfortunately, the business was not in a position to continue in it’s current form, so, Cooper Rifles of Arkansas was formed to purchase the name, assets, and engineering that made Cooper great.

Over the last 12 months, we have worked diligently to build the facility, acquire equipment, refine the engineering, and most importantly, assemble a team to continue the legacy of Cooper. As you might imagine, this has been no easy task.

While we have been preparing for the future, we have also been working to complete any rifles that were in process, as well as working with Dealers and Individual Customers to find any orders that were placed with the previous company. While we have been able to fulfill some of these orders, in many cases, we have only been able to build a variety of rifles in a random assortment of models and calibers. Unfortunately, many of the orders that were placed with Cooper Firearms of Montana will never be able to be produced.

During 2024, we will continue to build from the inventory that was purchased from Cooper of Montana. These rifles are very limited and will be unique as they are the last rifles that will still be marked with Cooper Firearms of Montana. At the same time, we will be working with our Research and Development Team to refine and improve upon the original designs from Montana so that in 2025, we will be able to offer a rifle of the absolute highest quality in the industry.

We have understandably received many calls and questions regarding Cooper Customer Service and Custom Work. Until this point, we have not had the ability to accept any rifles for service, but we are aware of the need. Starting in January 2024, we will be able to accept some of the original rifles for customer service on a limited basis.

While we are unable to manage all customer service requests, we do have some inventory of parts that we either acquired or manufactured, and we are now in a position to help in certain instances. If you are interested in obtaining customer service, please contact Glenn at He will work with you to determine what is possible.

Additionally, we are aware of the need for certain replacement components such as extra magazines for the original Cooper Rifles. In some cases we will be able to fulfill these requests, but we ask for your understanding in the instances where it is just not feasible. Glenn has some magazines in inventory currently and more have been ordered and should be available by May of 2024. If at all possible, Glenn will help you acquire the replacement parts you need.

Our goal for Cooper Rifles of Arkansas will always be to build the highest quality rifles while providing the best customer service. Cooper has a long legacy as a premier rifle builder with countless loyal fans. We do not take this responsibility lightly. The Cooper Legacy lives on!