Open Country Long Range


  • Available in Model 52 (Repeater)
  • 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee at 100 yards
  • Cooper Firearms hand-laid synthetic stock, reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar.
  • 26” fluted, stainless steel barrel
  • Tactical bolt handle and shroud
  • Spiral fluted, stainless steel, 3 lug bolt
  • 0, 10 or 20 MOA picatinny rail
  • Available with Cooper Firearms proprietary Three (3) round flush fit magazine or AICS style Five (5) round magazine
  • Fully adjustable, single stage trigger.
  • Weighs 9.0lbs
  • Available in left hand

    *(Accuracy guaranteed when using premium match grade ammunition conforming to test load data supplied by Cooper Firearms.  For additional information regarding test loads or for questions regarding the use of specific weights or types of bullets or ammunition please contact us.)


Model & Pricing

  • Model 22MLAvailable Calibers
  • Model 52Available Calibers
  • Left Handed OptionAvailable Calibers